Nick Wroblewski is a Midwest based printmaker specializing in hand cut wood block prints. He created the beautiful artwork that was used in the layout of “New Wild Everywhere”.

He explains a little about the process, in Nick’s own words:

Woodblock 1 – The “New Wild Everywhere” album artwork was created from original woodblock carvings. This is an image of one of the remaining carved wood blocks. The process required the use of two carved woodblocks that were used together to create the final multiple colour image. The technique of “reduction woodcut” was used whereby the blocks were carved with more detail and less surface as each colour was layered, resulting in most of the surface area being eliminated and leaving only the outlines.

Woodblock 2 – This is the remainder of the second woodblock that was used to print the wood grain pillars and background dome. It was carved to fill in all the negative space of the first block including the figure, birds, and reflection pool. The textured wood grain was scuffed on the second printing to highlight the circular motion of the wood and help integrate the movement into the composition. The notches in the bottom left hand corner and the bottom right edge are to help with the registration of the paper for each printed colour.

Stage 1 – This is the first colour printing from the first block. (Light grey)

Stage 2 – After masking the grey lines and birds the remaining visible area of the figure, pool, and inside birds were inked light blue and printed. More texture and lines were carved away from this area and the second darker blue was printed on top of the first blue.

Stage 3 – This is the stage where the second block was used. It is the addition of the blue background and colour for the pillars.

Stage 4– This is the final image after one more overlay of texture to the background was printed and the final black outline was added.

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